Bantu Blockchain applications and services ready to use from Day One

The Bantu Blockchain Network is ready to be used from day one. It comes with applications and services which will give users access to the full functionality of the network and ecosystem. Through a fair incentive model, we believe that the creativity of our global community will be unleashed. The following applications and services are ready to support the community in interaction with the Bantu Blockchain Network.

BantuPay Wallet

The BantuPay wallet is a simple, secure and non-custodial wallet that lets you send, receive, swap and store digital assets. The BantuPay wallet is built on top of the BantuPay payment infrastructure with a free API for developers and integrators to use to plugin.

Bantu Network Dashboard

This presents an easy-to-use high level overview of the entire Bantu network in real time. A major convenience for anyone to be able to see how the network is running; the nodes that support the network, recent operations on the network, and other statistics that will be provided.

Bantu Blockchain Explorer

The Bantu Blockchain explorer makes it possible for anyone to browse, search and view all activities taking place on the Bantu Network transparently and in real time, this will ensure that transactions are easily tracked anytime by the users.

Bantu Laboratory

This is a tool for Bantu Network developers to perform tests and transactions using the network testnet and mainnet, it is like the wallet but more for developers. It enables developers to create a wallet, send and receive assets and carry out other operations.

BantuTalk Forum

BantuTalk is the Bantu Blockchain community forum created to offer a platform for sharing ideas and collaboration on Bantu Blockchain-related projects, DApps, protocols, and activities. It is where the vibrant community of users, developers and traders come to hangout.

Bantu Network Token (XBN)

The XBN is the native asset/token for the Bantu Network. It is a utility token that powers all operations and transactions on the network. Users who carry out transactions on the network pay transaction fees in XBN. The smallest unit of the Bantu Network Token is called a Spirit.
1 Spirit = 0.0000001 XBN

Bantu Network Reward (BNR)

The BNR is an asset/token that is used to reward members of the Bantu Blockchain community who participate in various bounties, challenges and other activites that help to build the global Bantu Blockchain community. 1 XBN = 8 BNR

The Bantu Token Creator

A simple solution that allows one to be able to create digital assets on the Bantu Blockchain network with just a few clicks; thus eliminating the need for and cost of hiring blockchain developers.